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Soil Stabilisation

How does Soil Stabilisation work?

Soil Stabilisation has a wide range of benefits and attractions in today's construction industry.  The process of lime modification and soil stabilisation typically consist of four levels:


1) Lime Improvement / Bulk Modification (5% CBR)

The lime modification process involves the addition of small amounts of binder (quicklime) to the host material to substantially reduce moisture content transforming the wet/unsuitable material into a useable and compactable construction material with a 5% CBR.


2) Capping Replacement Layer (15% CBR)

To enable the formation of a capping replacement layer, binders (quicklime and cement) are incorporated into the host material along with the addition of water.  The material is then compacted and trimmed leaving a layer with a 15% CBR.  This treatment level can also be used as a Piling Platform.


3) Sub-base Replacement Layer (30% CBR)

Additional binders are incorporated into the material giving a stronger, more durable end product with non-frost susceptibility and a 30% CBR.


4) HBM Layer (Hydraulically Bound Material)

Cement is introduced into the material giving high strengths for wearing resistance.  After trimming to tight tolerances the end material can be directly overlaid with blacktop. 


If you would like further information on any of the above soil stabilisation processes then please contact us through our enquiry form.