TR Stabilisation

Specialist Soil Stabilisation Contractor operating throughout the UK

Soil Stabilisation Equipment

At T R Stabilisation we use 4 different approaches when carrying out Soil Stabilisation with each process depending on factors such as the size of the site and dust control issues for built up areas. Each of the four processes requires different machines and the below gives an overview of the types of Soil Stabilisation equipment suitable for the different sites:

Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer

On environmentally sensitive sites where dust creation could be an issue, we carry out the Soil Stabilisation process using a Wirtgen WR2500SK. The machine, which is fully integrated, works by spreading a controlled amount of binder under an enclosed hood directly in front of the Mixing drum. The binder is then immediately mixed into the site material virtually eliminating any binder dust problems. 



Wirtgen WR2500S and Spreader

For sites where high levels of production are a requirement we utilise a Wirtgen WR2500S machine alongside a separate Spreading unit (either a TerraGator self propelled model or a Tractor Towed Spreader). The binder is applied to the material using the Spreader which is then followed by the Mixer to incorporate the binder into the material. As the Spreading unit has a larger binder storage capacity than a Wirtgen Integrated Mixer the need to re-fill the unit is reduced and therefore greater outputs can be achieved. 


Tractor Towed Integrated Mixer

Some sites have both environmental issues and limited access for large machines. On sites such as these a Tractor Towed Integrated Mixer is used. The machine, which is more compact than a Wirtgen WR2500SK, carries out the same integrated Spreading/Mixing process but is far more suitable to smaller sites.


Tractor Towed Mixer and Spreader

Again, on smaller sites as Tractor Towed Mixing unit is sometimes the most suitable item of equipment. However, if there are no dust control issues then a separate Spreading unit can be used to enable increased treatment rates.