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Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation

Lime stabilisation and modification is the addition of binder product (usually quicklime) to the host material which reduces moisture dramatically turning the unusable material into a valid construction material with a 5% CBR.

More information on this process can be found on our Soil Stabilisation page.

Below are some videos of the Lime Stabilisation and Soil Stabilisation Process

Lime Stabilisation / Soil Stabilisation Design Testing

This video shows samples being taken on site which are then sent to an indepedent UKAS laboratory for testing to determine binder additions


Lime Stabilisation / Soil Stabilisation Powder Spreading

This video shows powders being spread ready to be mixed in


Lime Stabilisation / Soil Stabilisation Mixing

This video shows powders being mixed into the existing site material using a Wirtgen WR2500S machine


Lime Stabilisation / Soil Stabilisation Compaction

This video shows treated material being compacted