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The History of Soil Stabilisation


The necessity of improving the engineering properties of soil has been recognised for as long as construction has existed. 

Many ancient cultures including the Chinese, Romans and Incas utilised various techniques to improve soil suitability, some of which were so effective that many of the buildings and roadways they constructed still exist today. Some are still in use - more info on roman roads here on wikipedia.Roman Roads and Soil Improvement

The modern era of soil stabilisation began during the 1960's and 70's when general shortages of aggregates and fuel resources forced engineers to consider alternatives to the conventional techniques of replacing poor soils at building sites with shipped-in aggregates that possessed more favourable engineering characteristics. 

Soil stabilisation then fell out of favour, mainly due to faulty application techniques and misunderstandings.

More recently, soil stabilisation has once again become a popular trend as global demand for raw materials, fuel and infrastructure has increased. 

This time, however, soil stabilisation is benefiting from better research, materials and equipment.