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Cement Stabilisation from TR Stabilisation

Cement Stabilisation

Cement Stabilisation in Action

Cement Stabilisation refers to the addition of cementitious binders (Portland Cement, FlyAsh, GGBS) to a host material to give increased strengths and long-term durability.

When adding cementitious binders to existing in-situ materials then more stringent contractor on-site checks must take place (including working temperatures) alongside the Compliance Testing Regimes which are undertaken by an independent laboratory.

The amount of binder to be applied has to first be determined and this will depend on the overall end CBR requirement. Representative samples of the host material are collected and taken to a laboratory where a design exercise is carried out to determine this binder addition. Once works commence on site regular spread checks take place to confirm that the amount of binder determined within the design had been applied to the host material.

The different levels of treatment when adding cementitious binders within the Soil Stabilisation process can be found on our Soil Stabilisation page.






Cement Stabilisation