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benefits of soil stabilisation


Soil Stabilisation - The Benefits Explained

Technical Benefits

Treatment with lime (lime stabilisation) and/or cement (cement stabilisation) allows production of a long lasting and stable material comparable to those of graded aggregates.  Hard wearing, with greater stiffness and strength they provide excellent performance within the construction process and have become widely recognised as a strong alternative to typical construction methods.


Financial Benefits

The recycling and re-use of insitu materials gives significant savings, as it minimises the stripping and removal to landfill of material along with their associated transport costs and also saves on the import of aggregates.

In addition to this, the duration of the works are also shorter, giving further savings to the contract program. 


Environmental Benefits

There are significant environmental benefits of soil stabilisation in comparison to traditional construction methods including energy savings by reducing the transport of materials (this also reduces the indirect effects including nuisance to the public), minimising the use of aggregate resources and utilising some binders that are by-products of the energy industry.