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Cement Stabilisation Contractor – New Altham Site

We mentioned last week that we were starting a new Soil Stabilisation contract this week in Lancashire and today works commence on site for a new industrial unit in Altham, near Accrington. The site, which is very close to our Head Office, requires Lime Modification to achieve a 5% CBR to the fill material and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation new Wirtgen Mixer

You may remember that last week we wrote a BLOG about our new Soil Stabilisation machine purchases, which included a new Hamm 3520HT Roller and a new Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer.  Well, this week we have taken delivery of both brand new machines, which are being immediately put into service. Below is a picture of [...]

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Soil Stabilisation using lime, cement and fly ash

Take a look at the research paper I found here titled  “Sub-grade Stabilization Assessment of Kuantan Clay Using Lime, Portland Cement, Fly Ash, and Bottom Ash” from the “Faculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringInstitut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia“.  The paper mainly looks at the technical aspects of Soil Stabilisation including the types of material that can be treated, the [...]

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Cement Stabilisation and Soil Remediation

Another case study here on a project in Wisconsin, USA to add to our “Soil Stabilisation around the World” set of BLOGs.  This case study looks at how Soil Remediation (Soil Stabilization and Solidification) was used to redevelop a former manufactured gas plant.  The cas estudy looks at the alternative techniques used to treat the existing [...]

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Soil Stabilisation and The Enviornment

As many of you will know, the Olympic Stadium was one of the largest construction projects the UK has ever seen.  However, what many of you may not know is after the Olympics were over a new urban park—at more than 111 acres (45 ha), one of Europe’s largest—with lush meadows, lawns, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife [...]

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Soil Stabilisation for infrastructure in Italy

Another case study found today for our “around the world” look at Soil Stabilisation.  The case study, which can be found here, is from the Department of Sciences of Civil Engineering, University of Rome and is titled “Externalities of Soil Stabilization in the Construction of Main Transportation Infrastructures. The Case of the High Speed Railway in [...]

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Cement Stabilisation, Soil Stabilisation, Lime Modification & Soil Remediation articles

Found a great site here today which has a large list of articles relating to Cement Stabilisation, Soil Stabilisation, Lime Modification and Soil Remediation articles, including: Soil Stabilisation technology Emulsion polymers for Soil Stabilisation Road Stabilisation and dust control Research Paper The Suitability and Lime Stabilisation Treatment Technologies for Mercury in Soil, Waste, and Water Recommendations for Stabilisation of High-Sulfate Soils [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Equipment – new purchases

You may remember in our May Newsletter we mentioned that we had purchased some new equipment (adding to our ever increasing fleet of Soil Stabilisation equipment) including a Roller and Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer.  Well, we thought we would do a quick update on these today. Hamm 3520HT Roller This was delivered on Monday and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation FAQ

Found a great link here today to the Carmeuse Lime and Stone frequently asked questions page which answers most questions about using Lime for Soil Stabilisation purposes.  There are answers on the differences between lime materials, H&S considerations, what percentages of lime should be used, technical data, chemical information, the types of soils that can be [...]

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Soil Stabilization in Texas

Was looking around today for more articles on Soil Stabilization around the world and found this one on how Soil Stabilization has been used instead of traditional construction methods on the U.S. Army’s  heavy haul roads at Texas’ Fort Bliss. The article looks at how green construction methods were considered when it came to reconstructing the haul [...]

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