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Cement Stabilisation material testing

One of the main considerations when choosing Cement Stabilisation over traditional construction methods is “what end result will be achieved?”.  This can then be considered alongside the expected end results of traditional construction methods along with other factors such as cost, time and environmental impact.  As such, I though I would link to the research [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – technical guidance

Found a great web-page here from the Department of Transport in Ohio, USA containing a breakdown of the points for consideration when looking at using Soil Stabilisation (including Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation) on a project.  The points for consideration include: Materials – what materials are going to be used on the project (lime, cement, curing [...]

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Lime Stabilisation short and long term performance

Another presentation to add to our recent BLOG collection, this one is about the “Short and Long Term Performance of Lime and Cement Stabilised Soils” and can be found here. This presentation is broken down into 4 elements, which are: The basic principals of Soil Stabilisation – why it is used, how it is used, [...]

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Cement Stabilisation of Sub-Grade Soils in California

Due to the fact that Soil Stabilisation (Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation) doesn’t differ very much no matter where in the world you are, I thought that this document from the California Department of Transportation may interest readers.  The document acts as guidance for determining and developing Soil Stabilisation on highways and offers best practice [...]

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Soil Stabilisation in pavements (an introduction)

What is Soil Stabilisation and how can it be used?  The question is answered in the publication I found here today titled “An Introduction to Soil Stabilisation for Pavements“. The publication runs through the Soil Stabilisation process and covers the following topics: PURPOSE – why is Soil Stabilisation used DEFINITIONS – the different terms used [...]

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Soil Stabilisation contractor works update

Thought I would do a brief update today on Soil Stabilisationworks we currently have in progress along with contracts that have been secured. Monks Cross, York This site, where we have been carrying out works for Moorhead Excavations (who are working for Caddick Construction), has been ongoing since mid April and is running to schedule. [...]

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Cement Stabilisation applications and benefits

Found a good presentation here today from the Cement Council of Texas all about Cement Stabilisation and its typical applications and benefits. The presentation, which has 188 slides, runs through the entire Cement Stabilisation process from start to finish and covers topics including: Cement based pavement materials Applications Reasons to modify soils Construction problems with [...]

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Soil Stabilisation for Nuclear Power Plant

Found a good article here today about Soil Stabilisation works carried out at a Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona.  The article looks at the challenges met by the Soil Stabilisation contractor when meeting stringent standards of the client. In order to prove how successful the Soil Stabilisation process can be the contractor carried out on [...]

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Cement Stabilisation in Canada

After looking around inline for information on Soil Stabilisation contracts in other countries, I found this publication from Wirtgen America for the Transport Association of Canada named “Modern Soil Stabilization Techniques”. The purpose of the paper is to assist with the understanding of Soil Stabilisation techniques and to promote the benefits of the process and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – performance of binders (lime, cement, fly ash ect).

When looking into Soil Stabilisation one of the most important factors to consider is the type of binder to be added to the soil.  Whilst looking online I found a great study here from the Department of Transport in Kansas which is all about this different types of binders which are typically used within the Soil Stabilisation [...]

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