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Lime Stabilisation in Manchester update

Lime Stabilisation works have been taking place on site in Manchester since mid June.  The below photo’s show some of the completed area’s.

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Soil Stabilisation works onsite

Soil Stabilisation works are ongoing on several sites this week, with new sites starting next week, including: Lime Stabilisation – Hyde, Manchester This site, where we are currently carrying out Lime Modification works for an existing client, has been ongoing since mid June and will continue for several more weeks. Cement Stabilisation – Glasgow, Scotland Again, [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Sampling in Yorkshire

Soil Stabilisation Sampling in Yorkshire We were on site in Yorkshire yesterday carrying out Soil Stabilisation testing and sampling.  The samples collected will be taken to a UKAS accredited laboratory where a testing will be carried out to confirm that the material is suitable for treatment and to also determine the required binder additions to [...]

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Lime Stabilisation in Manchester

Lime Stabilisation in Manchester Just a quick post this morning to publish a photo of Lime Stabilisation works taking place in Hyde, Manchester.  The site, where we are carrying out Soil Stabilisation works for an existing client since mid June, requires lime addition to the sub-grade and bulk fill material to give a CBR of [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Information

Cement Stabilisation  Found some good information here this morning from the Portland Cement Association in America which runs through the Cement Stabilisation process in its entirety.  Topics covered on the web-page include: What is Cement Stabilisation What types of soil can Cement Stabilisation be used on How does Cement Stabilisation work Why use Cement Stabilisation [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Techniques

Soil Stabilization Techniques Found a great article here which looks at the various different techniques that can be adopted when carrying out Soil Stabilisation.  The area’s covered within the article are Stabilisation with Lime and Stabilisation with Cement.  Both binders are compared and the different strengths, applications and processing techniques are discussed and analysed.  The benefits [...]

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Soil Stabilisation in Oldham, Manchester

Soil Stabilisation works were carried out by ourselves on a site in Oldham recently.  The below photo’s show the site before we carried out any works and then after the Soil Stabilisation process was complete.  Lime Modification works were firstly carried out to achieve a minimum CBR of 5% to the Bulk Fill Material.  The top [...]

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Soil Stabilisation May 2015 Newsletter

Just a quick post today to upload our latest email newsletter.  If you would like to receive this newsletter every month then just send us an email to and we will add you to our mailing list.

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Soil Stabilisation New Article

Soil Stabilisation Information Found some interesting information here which looks at the different methods of Soil Stabilisation, along with the features and benefits of each method. The different methods / techniques covered include Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation and highlights the different results that can be achieved through both.  Have a look and send us any [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Contractor This Week

This week will see us undertaking Soil Stabilisation (Cement Stabilisation, Lime Stabilisation and Lime Modification) works on various sites throughout the UK, including:   Soil Stabilisaition – Appleby This will be our second visit to this site where will will again be carrying out: Lime Modification works to provide a Bulk Fill material with a CBR of [...]

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