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Soil Stabilisation – the principals

For a basic overview of the Soil Stabilisation process I found a good illustration here from Wirtgen today which gives a good general description of the technique and the equipment and materials that are used. As the market leaders in Soil Stabilisation equipment (in our opinion), the Wirtgen web-site also has a vast amount of [...]

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New Soil Stabilisation section on our web-site

Today we will be adding a new section to our web-site which will look at Soil Stabilisation contracts which have been carried out throughout the UK. Unlike a case study section, these pages will be listed by geographical location, giving you the chance to look at how Soil Stabilisation (including Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation) [...]

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Cement Stabilisation of Sports Fields

While looking on Twitter today I found a good post that led me to an article about Cement Stabilisation being carried out on an artificial football stadium in Baltimore, USA. Whilst the stadium was being re-developed they found issues with the underlying material and it was decided that the most economic solution to the problem [...]

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Lime Modification at Speke

Works have recommenced on site at Speke today to carry out Lime Modification on the second phase of the contract. Lime Stabilisation / Lime Modification has already been carried out to some 9,000 cu.m. of material on the site during phase one of the works and a further 7,000 sq.m. of material over the next [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Altham & Speke Case Studies

Today I have uploaded 2 new case studies to our web-site for Soil Stabilisation works carried out at Altham and Speke.  New videos have also been uploaded to our YouTube Channel and photos to our Flickr Photostream from both sites.  We now have over 40 videos of the Soil Stabilisation process on YouTube and over 220 photos [...]

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Fracking & Soil Stabilisation?

Fracking has featured heavily in the news over the past few weeks and, despite it being a controversial topic, no one can deny that it could provide the UK with a huge economic boost. Due to the promising scale of this technique, T R Stabilisation have recently been in discussions with contractors as to how [...]

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Soil Stabilisation equipment in Malaysia

Backing up our belief that Wirtgen are the market leaders and at the forefront of technology when it come to Soil Stabilisation equipment, I found this article today about the new Wirtgen WR240 machine being the first of its type in Malaysia.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Soil Stabilisation equipment photos

Although we have a large range of Soil Stabilisation photos and videos on our Flickr page, YouTube page, Twitter page and web-site I thought I would have a look round today and see what other photos were around which show Soil Stabilisation works taking place and the equipment used.  I came across a great photo [...]

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What is Soil Stabilisation sampling and testing

Today we are carrying out Soil Stabilisation sampling on a major road development in the Midlands.  Our representative, along with a technician from a UKAS accredited laboratory, will visit the site and collect soil samples from across the site.  These samples will then be taken back to the laboratory for analysis and a design mix [...]

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Soil Stabilisation contractor site photos

Thought I would upload some photos today of the Bulk Earthworks and Soil Stabilisation operations that are currently taking place on site in St. Asaph, North Wales.  The photos show the Bulk Earthworks being carried out in preparation for the Soil Stabilisation works (further photos of the Soil Stabilisation works will be uploaded).  Let us [...]

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