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Lime Stabilisation for Poor Soils

Lime Stabilisation for Poor Soils Today I found a good publication here on Concrete Construction about Lime Stabilisation for Poor Soils.  The article, from 1967, looks at the ways in which Lime Stabilisation has been used historically to treat problem soils along with its introduction to use on construction sites. Although the technology has moved on significantly [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Presentation

Cement Stabilisation Presentation We are always looking to expand our presentation portfolio and today I can across this great presentation from Concrete Thinking and The Portland Cement Association titled Cement Stabilized Base Courses for Airport Pavements. The presentation runs through the main aspects of Cement Stabilisation for base courses, including: Fundamentals - what is Cement Stabilisation and how [...]

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Lime Modification and Lime Stabilisation for Soils

Lime Modification and Lime Stabilisation for Soils Just found a new publication here  from the National Lime Association titled Lime Treated Soils – Save Time and Money.  The publication provides information to the construction professional who need an effective and economical means for dealing with unstable soils. The publication looks at how Lime can be used to dry, temporarily modify, [...]

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Soil Improvement and Lime Stabilisation

Soil Improvement and Lime Stabilisation Found an interesting paper today here on Soil Improvement Techniques in India using Lime Stabilisation.  The paper looks at how Lime Stabilisation can be used to “modifying subgrade soils, subbase materials, and base materials”.  There is information in the paper on the different techniques that can be used, the amounts of lime [...]

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Soil Stabilization for Pavement Foundations

Found a good article here from MBM Media, which is a construction news portal in India, titled Soil and Aggregate Stabilization for Sustainable Pavement. The article is based on a study carried out on Soil Stabilization and how it can be applied to in-situ material to achieve a sustainable pavement foundation.  The paper looks at the [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Case Study

Cement Stabilisation Case Study Soil Stabilisation is now a globally recognised process so I thought I would post some information on the technique and how it is used around the world.  One case study I found here looks at how Cement Stabilisation was utilised on a contract in South Carolina, USA and saved over $900,000.00 on [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Documents

Soil Stabilisation Documents After finding some great documents and information on Scribd I thought I would look at other document publishing web-sites and see what further literature was available.  On Edocs I found an extensive list of Soil Stabilisation, Cement Stabilisation and Lime Modification documents here, including: Research on the Stabilisation of 2 different materials [...]

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Lime Stabilisation and Modification

Lime Stabilisation and Lime Modification Document Found another document on Scribd here from the National Lime Association which looks into the Lime Stabilisation and Modification process, including: Modifying Soil Using Lime – how this stage of the Lime Stabilisation process works and the results and benefits that can be offered from this stage. Stabilising Soil [...]

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Cement Stabilisation – How Does it Work?

Cement Stabilisation – How Does it Work? Following on from Friday’s post I thought I would take a look at other documents on the subject of Soil Stabilisation that could be found on Scribd.  This document, titled “How Does Cement Stabilisation Work?” can also be found here on Scribd. The document, which was produced by [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Using GGBS

Soil Stabilisation is a proven technique for treating unsuitable site materials that would normally be exported to landfill by incorporating various binders.  One of the binders that can be incorporated whilst carrying out this process is GGBS and I found a document here on Scribd which looks at Soil Stabilisation techniques using this. The document, [...]

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