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Soil Stabilisation case study

Have just uploaded a new case study to our web-site today on the works carried out at Runcorn providing details of the works carried out along with images.  Have a look–daresbury.html and let us know what you think. Works are also continuing on our Milton Keynes site and will will keep you updated with new pictures [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – flooded sites

With all of the rainfall over the past week, many construction sites are experiencing flooding, causing delays to works.  T R Stabilisation can assist in getting you back on track by carrying out Lime Modification to the site material once the flood water has retreated.  By incorporating quicklime, the site material can be rapidly dried [...]

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Soil Stabilisation wind farm

Have found an interesting article here  about how Soil Stabilisation was used on a wind farm project in the US.  The contractor who carried out the operation says within the article. “Stabilization of the existing subgrade also was required for some of the 26 mi. (41.8 km) of 15-ft. (4.6 m) -wide site access roads. [...]

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Cement Stabilisation videos

Have uploaded even more videos today showing Cement Stabilisation taking place on our sites.  These can be viewed on our YouTube Channel  Have a look and let us know what you think. Want more information or to see more of the Soil Stabilisation process? Give us a call and we will be happy to provide [...]

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Lime Stabilisation “A Proven Solution”

Lime Stabilisation – found a great document here from the National Lime Association in the US.  It describes how Lime Stabilisation works, what can be achieved using the method and where further guidance can be found.  Have a look and let us know what you think or share some information you have found with us.

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Soil Stabilisation photos

Have just uploaded some new photo’s to our Flickr photostream where you can have a look at Soil Stabilisation and Lime Stabilisation taking place on various sites throughout the UK.  Will also be uploading more videos to our YouTube Channel  so have a look and let us know what you think.

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Soil Stabilisation standards

Soil Stabilisation (including Lime Modification) is governed by many standards and guidance.  An interesting site for Soil Stabilisation guidance and publications is The Concrete Centre.  Along with Soil Stabilisation, guidance, publications and technical advice are available on many different techniques making this site a valuable source for information. Soil Stabilisation information can be found

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Soil Stabilisation Runcorn

Soil Stabilisation works are almost complete on our Runcorn site.  Lime Modification has been carried to out to the Bulk Fill followed by Cement Stabilisation to form a Capping Replacement layer.  Pictures of works taking place along with before and after photo’s are shown below and as soon as a case study is produced we [...]

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Lime Stabilisation case study

Just completed a case study on the Lime Stabilisation / Bulk Modification works we completed at our site in Gateshead and this can be viewed here More case studies are being uploaded so keep looking for updated news on what sites we are currently working on and completed contracts.

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Soil Stabilisation further works at Milton Keynes

As works progress on our Milton Keynes site we have been awarded a further area to treat taking the contract volumes in excess of 150,000 sq.m.  Once the Soil Stabilisation/Lime Stabilisation has been completed the site will be developed for commercial use with various industrial distributions centers and offices being constructed.  

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