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Soil Remediation News

Its been a while since I last wrote anything about Soil Remediation so thought I would have a look around and find some articles to share.  I found quite a few good articles from around the world on how Soil Remediation is being used to clean up and redevelop many sites, including:   Quad-City Botanical [...]

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Cement Stabilisation & Lime Modification Case Studies

We will be uploading some case studies, along with photos and videos today, of 2 sites where we have recently carried out Lime Modification and Soil Stabilisation / Cement Stabilisation.  The 2 sites the case studies will be for are: Soil Stabilisation – Project Dove, Nestle, Tutbury On this site we carried out almost every [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Equipment – Wirtgen

At T R Stabilisation we recognise that Wirtgen are at the forefront of technology when it comes to Soil Stabilisation equipment and this is why we predominantly use their equipment on our projects.  An article I found here from Construction Equipment Guide highlights this fact in an article about the WR 240i Recycler/Stabiliser. The article looks [...]

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Soil Stabilization new works

After successfully completing works at Telford last week, T R Stabilisation have 2 new Soil Stabilisation contracts starting this week. Ravenside Retail Park, Chesterfield The works, which we will be carrying out for Moorhead Excavations, will include a Stabilised Capping Replacement to CBR 15% and a Stabilised Sub-Base Replacement to CBR 30%. Birchwood Park, Warrington [...]

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Soil Stabilization Research

Found an article here from 2010 about research into Soil Stabilization techniques and the benefits offered by the process.  The article was written on research being carried out by 2 Civil and Environmental Engineering Professors on Soil Stabilisation. The 2 Professors were involved in 2 major projects which were examining environmentally safe and cost-effective roadbed construction.  The [...]

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Lime Stabilisation contract

Found an interesting news article here about a Lime Stabilization contract in San Diego.  The article looks at the many benefits of the Lime Stabilisation process, but mainly the re-use of existing site materials.  This process meant that only 580 tonnes of quicklime was used on the site, eliminating the need to excavate and cart away [...]

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Soil Stabilization Work

Work has now finished on the Nestle Project at Tutbury where we carried out Soil Stabilisation works for O’Brien Contractors where John Sisk where the Main Contractor.  The works, which included Bulk Modification to CBR 5% and a Stabilised Capping Replacement (CBR 15%) and Sub-Base Replacement (CBR 30%) were completed on time inline with the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Works Progress

With Soil Stabilisation works now complete on the Netstle Site in Tutbury, we thought we would take this opportunity to update you on future works: Ercall Wood College, Telford After sucessfully securing the contract to carry out Soil Stabilisation for Moorhead Excavations, works at Ercall Wood College in Telford will commence immediately after the Easter [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Sampling & Testing

Soil sampling will take place on a site today at Telford for a new school development.  Representative samples of the soil will be collected by a UKAS accredited laboratory, taken to their lab for testing to enable a design mix to be established.  Once a mix design has been determined then Soil Stabilisation works can [...]

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Soil Stabilization

Whilst searching the internet today I came across a paper on Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification in Brazil.  The paper, which can be found here looks at how Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification could be used more extensively and economically.  The paper centers around an experimental program which was conducted in 3 steps and goes on [...]

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