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Soil Stabilization with Lime or Cement?

Whilst having a look at some articles online today, I found an interesting post here from the Portland Cement Association which looks at the different reactions within a soil when Lime or Cement are added to determine which binder better suits which application.  During the study 3 soils with varying PI values were treated with different [...]

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Soil Stabilisation chemistry

Found a great presentation here today which looks at the chemistry behind the reactions that take place during the Soil Stabilisation process.  The presentation gives information on the different binders which can added to different soils and the reactions that take place.  Its quite a useful presentation as it looks at: What is Soil Stabilisation [...]

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Soil Stabilization in Sweden

To add to our “Soil Stabilization around the world” set of articles and publications, I found this one today from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering at a university in Sweden about Soil Stabilisation methods and materials. The article looks at the different methods and materials which can be used to stabilise unsuitable [...]

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Soil Stabilization historical uses

Soil Stabilization (Lime Modification and Cement Stabilization) has been around for many years and its historical uses is something thats discussed in an article I found here.  The article is dated 1967 and looks at how Lime Stabilisation was being used to upgrade roads, airfields and building sites.  The document looks at the different levels [...]

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Soil Remediation Case Study

After looking around for a good case study on Soil Remediation using Cement Stabilisation / Solidification, I found one here  from United Retek who are an American remediation and civil engineering contractor. The case study is based on a remediation project in Boston where an office, residential, and retail campus was planned.  Cement Stabilisation / Solidifcation [...]

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Soil Stabilisation social media

Today we created a Pin-It page where we will be adding lots of Soil Stabilisation, Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation information, including pictures, case studies, details on current contracts, technical information and other related posts. Have a look and let us know what you think. Other ways to keep up with news and information from us [...]

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Cement Stabilisation sampling and testing

Cement Stabilisation sampling and testing will take place today on site in Scotland.  Representative samples of the host material will be collected and then taken to a UKAS accredited laboratory for a design exercise to be carried out.  This will include introducing varying amounts of binder to the host material to determine the percentage of [...]

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Cement Stabilisation contractor newsletter

From now on we will be putting together a monthly email newsletter with info and updates from T R Stabilisation.  Below are details of whats in this months newsletter. Recent Soil Stabilisation Contracts During April we completed Soil Stabilisation works on various contracts, including: Ercall Wood College, Telford Birchwood Park, Warrington Ravenside Retail Park, Chesterfield [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Contractor updated web-site

In order to keep things fresh and completely up to date, we will be making some changes to our web-site this week.  Amongst the changes will be a new Cement Stabilisation web-page which will run through the different levels of Soil Stabilisation when incorporating a cementitious binder and the reactions that take place.  We will [...]

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Cement Stabilisation contractor working

Took some time today to update our Flickr photostream and our YouTube video channel with some new content that may be of interest. Flickr Photostream Works at our Monks Cross site in York where we are carrying out Soil Stabilisation (Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation) for Moorhead Excavations are well underway so I have added [...]

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