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What is Soil Stabilisation with Lime Addition

What is Soil Stabilisation with the addition of Lime and what type of results can be expected?  These are questions we are frequently asked and so today I thought I would have a look at some other sources on the internet (aside from our own web-site) that gives a good overview of the answers to [...]

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Cement Stabilisation of Soil

Found this article on Twitter today and thought I would share it with you all.  The article, which is on Architecture, Art and Design Website, looks at the Cement Stabilisation process and answers the questions “What is Cement Stabilisation of Soil?” and “Why is Cement Stabilisation of Soil required?”.  It also looks at the typical [...]

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Cement Stabilisation and Soil Stabilisation

While I was looking around online today for some new publications on Cement Stabilisation I came across this web-site here which has a list of ebooks about Soil Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation which are available for download, including: Soil Stabilisation with GGBS Cement Stabilization and Solidification Guidance on the use of Stabilisation/Solidification Stabilised Soil Research Progress [...]

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Soil Stabilisation contractor working in North Wales

Soil Stabilisation works will commence on site early next week in North Wales.  The works, which we will be carrying out, will consist of a bulk earthworks operation and then Soil Stabilisation works to provide Bulk Modification works to CBR5%, a Stabilised Capping Replacement to CBR 15% and a Stabilised Sub-Base Replacement to CBR 30%. [...]

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Cement Stabilisation for Windfarm Roads

Whilst looking for some interesting Soil Stabilisation case studies and articles, I found this one here about a large windfarm development in Ohio (USA) where Lafarge Cement provided over 20,000 tonnes of cement for Soil Stabilisation to approximately 44 miles of roads.  The article also looks at the construction of the support pads for the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor July Update

Since its been a while since I posted an update on the works been carried out by T R Stabilisation I thought today I would do a post about this.  In June and July we have been very busy, completing Soil Stabilisation works on a site and then moving that team straight on to the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation introduced to Kurdistan

Found a good news article here today about how Soil Stabilisation is being introduced to Kurdistan to improve their roads and provide long term durability.  The article looks at the time, money and environmental benefits of introducing this technique along with the long lasting end results that can be expected.  Have a read and let [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor completes Altham contract

Soil Stabilisation works finished on site today at Altham where we have been working for Whatmore UK Ltd on a new industrial development in Altham.  The site, which is close to our head office, required large amounts of material to be excavated to reduce levels and provide bulk fill material.  The existing on site material [...]

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Soil Improvement using Lime Stabilisation in Spain

Found a web-site here today which shows how Soil Improvement using Lime Stabilisation techniques really is a globally recognised approach.  The web-site is from a Spanish contractor and breaks down the Lime Stabilisation process into the following catagories: The uses of Lime in Soil Stabilisation Types of Lime Geotechnical improvements from using Lime Applying Lime [...]

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Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification

Found a great publication here today from the Texas Department of Transportation titled “Guidelines for Modification and Stabilization of Soils and Base for Use in Pavement Structures” which looks at why and when Soil Stabilisation should be considered over traditional construction methods. The publication runs through the whole Soil Stabilisation process in depth, including: Overview – [...]

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