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Cement Stabilisation Case Study

Cement Stabilisation Case Study Soil Stabilisation is now a globally recognised process so I thought I would post some information on the technique and how it is used around the world.  One case study I found here looks at how Cement Stabilisation was utilised on a contract in South Carolina, USA and saved over $900,000.00 on [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Documents

Soil Stabilisation Documents After finding some great documents and information on Scribd I thought I would look at other document publishing web-sites and see what further literature was available.  On Edocs I found an extensive list of Soil Stabilisation, Cement Stabilisation and Lime Modification documents here, including: Research on the Stabilisation of 2 different materials [...]

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Lime Stabilisation and Modification

Lime Stabilisation and Lime Modification Document Found another document on Scribd here from the National Lime Association which looks into the Lime Stabilisation and Modification process, including: Modifying Soil Using Lime – how this stage of the Lime Stabilisation process works and the results and benefits that can be offered from this stage. Stabilising Soil [...]

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Cement Stabilisation – How Does it Work?

Cement Stabilisation – How Does it Work? Following on from Friday’s post I thought I would take a look at other documents on the subject of Soil Stabilisation that could be found on Scribd.  This document, titled “How Does Cement Stabilisation Work?” can also be found here on Scribd. The document, which was produced by [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Using GGBS

Soil Stabilisation is a proven technique for treating unsuitable site materials that would normally be exported to landfill by incorporating various binders.  One of the binders that can be incorporated whilst carrying out this process is GGBS and I found a document here on Scribd which looks at Soil Stabilisation techniques using this. The document, [...]

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Lime Stabilisation in Yorkshire

Lime Stabilisation works commence on site this morning in Yorkshire.  This will be the second time we have carried out Lime Modification works on this development.  Lime Stabilisation works also commence on site in Leicester on Monday. We have also secured a further 3 contracts which will be starting throughout September so keep checking back [...]

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Soil Stabilization Sampling

Soil Stabilization sampling and testing took place on 3 new contracts last week and the photos show the trial pits being excavated on 2 on them. Lime Stabilisation Sampling Leicester This contract, due to start on site next week, will involve Lime Modification to the site material to produce a general fill material. Soil Stabilisation [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – Altham, Lancashire

Soil Stabilisation works are now complete on our site at Altham, Lancashire and a case study will be uploaded to our website very soon.  Below are some photo’s of the finished site, which has had Lime Modification carried out to the sub-grade and bulk fill material and then a Cement Stabilised sub-base replacement to the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Weekly Update

Soil Stabilisation works have now been ongoing at Manchester Airport since April and continue to run extremely well.  Cement Stabilisation works at Altham are now drawing to a close and a full case study will be uploaded to our website this week. New Soil Stabilisation contracts are scheduled to start on site throughout September, with [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Lancashire

Soil Stabilisation has been ongoing throughout August on our Altham site where we have been carrying out works for a repeat client.  This project has seen us carry out bulk earthworks across the site and then Lime Modification to the sub-grade and fill material to achieve a CBR of 5% with a Stabilised sub-base replacement [...]

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