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Cement Stabilisation Contractor News

Last week I posted that I would be sending out our monthly email newsletter today.  Thought I would upload this for everyone who isn’t on the mailing list to have a look at.  If you would like to receive this in future then please send us an email to and we will get you [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor at Droitwich

On Monday we commence on site at Droitwich where we will be working once again for John Sisk for a large distribution development.  Having already carried out Soil Stabilisation works on a number of contracts for John Sisk, this latest contract award further cements our working relationship.  On this development, we will be providing a [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Newsletter

Early next week we will be sending out our monthly email newsletter containing all of the latest information from T R Stabilisation, including: News and photos from the various sites we have been carrying out Soil Stabilisation on since the beginning of the year New contracts secured and details of future up and coming works [...]

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Soil Stabilisation in Bolton

Yesterday we were awarded the contract to carry out Soil Stabilisation works on a new school development in Bolton.  The site, where we will be working for an existing client, consists of Lime Stabilisation to form a modified bulk fill material, Lime & Cement Stabilisation to provide a Stabilised capping replacement for building areas and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor January News

Just a short post today to keep you updated on current contracts we working on and Soil Stabilisation projects that have been secured for the coming weeks. Soil Stabilisation – Normanton Works are progressing well on this site and should complete this week with a case study to be uploaded to our web-site early next [...]

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Lime for Soil Stabilisation

Lime is one of the main binders used within the Soil Stabilisation process due to its quick drying properties which is essential when modifying wet or saturated materials.  A good source of information on Lime, and its many benefits within the Soil Stabilisation industry, can be found here from SMA Mineral who are one of [...]

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Soil Stabilisation News from Britpave

As we are now full members of the Britpave Soil Stabilisation Task Group I thought I would today do a post on the latest news and documents from them.  In January there have been 2 great items of news for the Soil Stabilisation industry, which are: Soil Stabilisation of Brownfield Land This article on the [...]

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Lime & Soil Stabilization

The mechanics of Soil Stabilisation can be briefly described as “the improvement of the stability of bearing power of the soil by the the addition of suitable admixtures“.  A good source of information on this can be found here, which is an article on The Constructor web-site, and looks at the following elements of the Soil [...]

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Soil Stabilisation for use as Sub-Grade?

Found a good paper here today that looks at the economical and sustainable benefits of using Soil Stabilisation methods to provide sub-grade replacements, reducing aggregate import.  The objective of the study was to carry out lab tests to prove that Soil Stabilisation techniques are suitable and provide the desired strengths to act as a sub-grade [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor back at work

Soil Stabilisation works recommence on site today at Normanton and Birmingham Airport following the Christmas shutdown. Lime Stabilisation – Normanton The site, where we are carrying out works for Moorhead Excavations, requires several areas to be Lime Modified over 2 developments.  A typical Lime Modification approach is being used where the binder is applied using [...]

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