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Soil Stabilisation Wind Farm Project

Found another great example here today of Soil Stabilisation techniques being utilised on wind farm developments.  The press release, from  Iberdrola Renewables, gives information on a wind farm development in Texas where once complete it is expected to provide enough energy to power over 140,000 homes each year.   This is just one of many [...]

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Soil Remediation Case Study

After looking around for a good case study on Soil Remediation using Cement Stabilisation / Solidification, I found one here  from United Retek who are an American remediation and civil engineering contractor. The case study is based on a remediation project in Boston where an office, residential, and retail campus was planned.  Cement Stabilisation / Solidifcation [...]

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Soil Improvement with Lime

Found another great paper here  from a University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  The paper looks at Lime Treatment of Subgrades including the powder additions, techniques used and the  end results.  Have a look and let us know what you think. If you would like more information on how Lime Stabilisation could benefit your site [...]

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Soil Stabilisation used on agricultural land

An interesting case study on the soil stabilisation of agricultural land was the M25 widening at junctions 16-23 and 27-30, the project was completed in 2009 but shows how stabilisation is effectively used in todays construction in the widening of motorways and highways. The key facts of the project are: Agricultural fields next to the [...]

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