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Cement Stabilisation in Trinidad

Found an interesting article here about Cement Stabilisation in Trinidad.  The article discusses how The Trinidad Cement (TCL) Group has launched a trial using Cement Stabilisation to show how using the Soil Stabilisation process would make the repairs and construction of highways more durable and cost less.  Have a read and let us know what you [...]

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Soil Stabilisation staff elfing around

Quite a funny video here of some of the T R Stabilisation staff elfing around to rap music! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from T R Stabilisation.

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Soil Stabilisation Britpave

The Britpave Soil Stabilisation Guidelines for Best Practice can be found here .  This features the complete stages of the Soil Stabilisation  process, highlighting the individual activities within the process and the organisations who should complete each individual activity.  Also shown are the recommended guidance and the records that should be kept.

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Soil Stabilisation & Soil Remediation

Found another great article here on the use of Soil Stabilisation on an old utility site.  The article describes how Soil Stabilisation using cement was carried out at a former gas plant to form a public space.  The article discusses the benefits of this process along with describing the material and quantities treated.  Have a [...]

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Soil Stabilisation machinery

Our Nigel Rea has just returned from Holland and Germany where he has been visiting a Soil Stabilisation equipment supplier and negotiating a deal for some new equipment to add to our fleet.  We expect to take delivery of the new equipment early next year and will post photos and more information when we  do.

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Cement Stabilisation WRAP

Great web-site here for information on how Soil Stabilisation using lime and cement can be used on almost all site materials to “provide a stronger ‘stabilised’ material“. “The WRAP Aggregates Programme aims are to promote sustainable aggregates use by reducing the demand for primary aggregates through encouraging greater use of recycled and secondary aggregates”  

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Soil Stabilisation Milton Keynes update

Just a quick update on the Milton Keynes project.  Despite all of the bad weather throughout the UK these past few weeks we have still managed to stay on target for the Milton Keynes project and works continue at a steady pace.  With weather causing major delays to other contracts throughout the country we are [...]

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Soil Stabilisation EUPave

Found a good site here  Its the European Concrete Paving Association which is a non-for-profit association, with the objective to promote all aspects of cement and concrete products to the transport infrastructure and related areas.  Has some great information on Soil Stabilisation along with other interesting subjects.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Lime Stabilisation Ireland

Found a paper here which was presented to the Geotechnical Society of Ireland (GSI) on Modification / Stabilisation of Low Strength Cohesive Soils under Foundations and Floor Slabs.  Contains some interesting information on developments in modifying Irish cohesive soils (particularly boulder clays) for engineering fill under foundations for industrial and residential developments along with case studies and suggested testing regimes. [...]

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Lime and Cement Combined Soil Stabilisation

Found a great case study here  on the combined use of lime and cement for Soil Stabilisation at Port of Houston, Texas.  This case study shows how costs were saved when carrying out Soil Stabilisation compared to traditional construction methods along with the greater strengths achieved.  Let us know what you think or give us [...]

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