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Soil Remediation Journals

Found a great web-site here which lists a good number of online journals, magazines and articles on Soil Remediation, including: Water Environment Research (WER) Manual of European Environmental Policy Soil & Mulch Producer News Brownfield Briefing MazMat Management Magazine Brownfield Renewal Remediation Solutions – A Guide to Remediation in the UK Journal of Plant Nutrition and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Manual

Found a good manual here from Griffin Soil which gives provides and in depth look at the various different stages within the Soil Stabilisation process along with some interesting case studies.  The processes looked at include: Soil Modification Soil Stabilisation HBM And are broken down into different stages and considerations including: Determination of Site Conditions Depth, [...]

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Soil Improvement using Lime – Case Study

Just uploaded a new Case Study to our web-site here–centre-park–warrington.html which is on the Lime Modification works we carried out at Centre Park, Warrington.  The Case Study looks at the site and material before works were carried out, how the works were carried out (including quicklime additions) and the site after works were completed.  The case [...]

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Cement Stabilisation – New Zealand

Found a great website here from Concrete3 who are “an industry-wide initiative designed to raise awareness of concrete’s contribution to New Zealand’s sustainable development across all areas of economic, social and environmental endeavour. Concrete3 seeks to support the development of innovative and sustainable concrete solutions for the built environment through a programme of education, information and research” On the site [...]

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Soil Improvement for Bulk Fill

Found a great paper here which was presented to the Geotechnical Society of Ireland titled Modification / Stabilisation of Low Strength Cohesive Soils under Foundations and Floor Slabs. The paper looks at the economic and environmental advantages of modifying unsuitable materials for general bulk fill and stabilisation of unsuitable materials to form Capping and Sub-Base layers over traditional construction [...]

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Soil Improvement with Lime

Found a good document here on the Improvement of Soil using Lime.  The document discusses the different levels of treatment when incorporating lime into soils for forestry access roads.  Amongst the treatments looked at are drying soil with lime, modifying soil with lime and stabilising soil with lime.  The document also looks at the results achieved [...]

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Cement Stabilisation on Highways

Found a good presentation here from The Portland Cement Association which discussed at the different ways Cement Stabilisation can be used on highways and roads projects.  It looks at the pavement structure, the different types of Soil Stabilisation, common materials, why Stabilisation should be used, the history of Soil Stabilisation, typical applications and the different methods [...]

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Soil Improvement incorporating Lime

Found a good document here from The British Lime Association titled Earthworks Improvement Using Quicklime. The document looks at how “unsuitable earthworks materials can be improved with quicklime to enhance geotechnical properties, resulting in a reduction in moisture content, improved bearing capacity, reduced plasticity, less shrinkage or swelling” which allows weak materials to “be handled more [...]

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Stabilisation of Soil using Cement

Found a good report here from the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The report looks at the behaviour and properties of soil when binders such as lime and cement are introduced.  The report looks at the science behind the reactions that take place when the binders are introduced to the soil and the increases in strength and [...]

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What is Soil Stabilisation – Britpave

Found a good animation here from Britpave’s (The British Cementitious Paving Association) Soil Stabilisation Task Group.  The animation shows the Soil Stabilisation process taking place, including spreading binders, mixing the binders in and then compaction.  Have a look and let us know what you think. We have more video’s of the Soil Stabilisation process on our [...]

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