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Soil Stabilisation Sampling & Testing

Soil sampling will take place on a site today at Telford for a new school development.  Representative samples of the soil will be collected by a UKAS accredited laboratory, taken to their lab for testing to enable a design mix to be established.  Once a mix design has been determined then Soil Stabilisation works can [...]

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Soil Stabilization

Whilst searching the internet today I came across a paper on Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification in Brazil.  The paper, which can be found here looks at how Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification could be used more extensively and economically.  The paper centers around an experimental program which was conducted in 3 steps and goes on [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Contractor

Found a good paper here from the Committee on Cementitious Stabilization titled Cementitious Stabilization.  The paper looks at the different types of Soil Stabilisation along with the different processes and additives used, including: Lime Stabilisation (Reaction Mechanisms, Mixture Design, Pavement Design, Performance Considerations, Information Gaps) Coal Fly Ash Stabilisation (Stabilisation with Non-Self-Cementing Coal Fly Ash, Stabilisation with Self-Cementing Fly Ash, Mix Design, Construction [...]

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Soil Stabilization History

Found a great paper here from a University in America titled Principals of Soil Stabilization and dated 1957.  Despite being produced over 55 years ago its quite interesting to see that the basic principals of Soil Stabilization have not changed that much. The paper looks at different soil types, different treatment levels, the processes which can [...]

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Lime Modification and Soil Stabilisation

Found a presentation here on Lime Modification and Soil Stabilisation.  The presentation looks at the Soil Stabilisation process in depth and discusses the following: What is Soil Stabilisation What Soil Stabilisation does Features and benefits The equipment used Common additives The process Testing regimes Sites where Soil Stabilisation has been used The presentation features some interesting [...]

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Soil Stabilisation using GGBS

Found a good publication here from UK Cementitious Slag Makers Association (CSMA) about Soil Stabilisation with Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag. The publication looks at how the Soil Stabilisation  process can be used on Soils with a sulfate content by introducing GGBS instead of the typical Portland Cement.  Information from site trials are included along with general advice on [...]

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Soil Improvement & Stabilisation

Found a great publication here from CAT titled Introduction to Soil Stabilisation.  The publication runs through the entire Soil Stabilisation process and looks at the different elements, including: Brief history of Soil Stabilisation What is Soil Stabilisation Why & when is Soil Stabilisation used Soil classifications Additives (i.e. Portland Cement, Quicklime, GGBS, Fly Ash etc.) Soil [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Benefits

When comparing Soil Stabilisation to other construction methods, the benefits, for most projects, are usually in favour of the Soil Stabilisation process.  The Britpave (British Cementitious Paving Society) Soil Stabilisation Task Group web-site gives a good over-view of the many benefits offered by Soil Stabilisation, including: Saves Money Savings by Design Saves Time Winter Working [...]

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Soil Stabilisation videos and photos

Have just updated out YouTube Video channel and our Flickr Photostream with new videos and photos. The YouTube Video channel has videos of each of the different stages and elements of the Lime Modification / Soil Stabilisation process, including: Sampling of materials to enable us to carry out testing to establish a design mix Transferring of powders [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – working on site

Works are progressing well and on schedule at the Nestle Project in Tutbury we are currently working on.  Soil Stabilisation works are being carried out for O’Brien Contractors on the John Sisk project at the Nestle Factory development. Below are some pictures of the works taking place and the finished treatment. For more information on [...]

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