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Deep Impact Roller – Bomag 226

BW226 (Polygonal) Roller The Most Powerful 26 Tonne Compaction Roller in the World??

EVIB Technology developed by BOMAG (Fayat Group) is a compaction measuring system which continuously measures the dynamic stiffness of soil in the form of the vibration modulus EVIB [MN/m2] which is displayed in analogue form on the terrameter / monitor within the cab which supports the roller operator in the compaction of the soil / rock.

The EVIB value is directly associated with the deformation modulus EV2 of the soil and so enables a qualitative and quantitative assessment of compaction and load bearing capacity.

EVIB uses the interaction of the acceleration of the vibrating drum and the stiffness of the soil. In general, the soil stiffness will increase as compaction increases. The principle corresponds with a dynamic load plate. If the soil becomes stiffer, the drum acceleration will also increase. The measuring sensors record this acceleration and from this determine the effective contact force between the soil and drum and, at the same time, the vibration path of the drum. If the contact force is then laid on top of the vibration path of the drum, this results in a loading and unloading curve for every revolution of the exciter. The EVIB value corresponds with the increase in load curve, as this correlates with the stiffness of the soil.

Why use the BOMAG BW226 Roller?

  • Compacts the ground up to four metres deep
  • High Mobility
  • Integrated computer records details and measurements of the ground strength and compaction achieved
  • Uses GPS (When Activated)
  • 50% more performance compaction
  • Rolls and Vibrates simultaneously
  • Combines maximum surface performance with minimum cost per m3

For more information on our Bomag 226 Roller please call us on 01254 238700 or send us an email to, where one of our Technical Representatives will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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