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Archive for February, 2018

Soil Stabilisation Works – Blackburn

Below are some photos from a site where we carried out Soil Stabilisation works in Blackburn.  The specification required both Lime Modification of the fill material to achieve a CBR of not less than 5% and a Soil Stabilised (Lime and Cement) surface layer to provide a Capping Layer achieving a CBR of not less [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Sampling – Wales

Soil Stabilisation sampling was recently undertaken on a site in Wales.  A representative number of trial holes were excavated and samples collected to be taken back to the laboratory.  The laboratory (UKAS accredited and independent) then carried out testing to determine the material classification, before introducing binder (lime and cement) by percentage to confirm the [...]

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Lime Stabilisation – Coventry

We recently carried out Lime Stabilisation / Lime Modification works on a site in Coventry.  The customer was a new client of ours but have since placed further orders with ourselves to carry out similar works on other sites.  Below is a photo of the Lime Stabilisation / Lime Modification works taking place. For more [...]

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Deep Impact Roller – Bomag 226

BW226 (Polygonal) Roller The Most Powerful 26 Tonne Compaction Roller in the World?? EVIB Technology developed by BOMAG (Fayat Group) is a compaction measuring system which continuously measures the dynamic stiffness of soil in the form of the vibration modulus EVIB [MN/m2] which is displayed in analogue form on the terrameter / monitor within the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation – Northumberland

The below photo shows before and after Soil Stabilisation on a site where we carried out works in Northumberland. Bulk Earthworks was carried out to some 15,600 cu.m. of material, with over 14,000 cu.m. being Lime Modified to achieve a CBR in excess of 5% and 8,500 sq.m. of Soil Stabilisation (incorporating both Lime & Cement) to [...]

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