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Soil Stabilisation Methods – Choosing the Correct Equipment for the Job

When carrying out Soil Stabilisation there are many factors that need to be taken into account when selecting the correct type of equipment for each particular project.  With many different equipment options available it is important that the following are considered with regards to equipment choice:

  • Project Specification - on a site where Lime Modification is required, with a nominal CBR of 5%, most types of equipment can be used provided there are no environmental or space constraints.  When a higher specification is required and Cementitious binder is to also be incorporated then the equipment selection should be more carefully thought out.  The Wirtgen rotivator has self-levelling (giving a consistent and equal depth of mixing) and a metered water incorporation system (ensuring that the correct amount of water is introduced at a set frequency).  A standard Tractor Towed Mixer does not have these functions, making, in our opinion, the Wirtgen the best choice for this type of high specification work.
  • Environmental Constraints - on sites in built up area’s where binder dust could prove problematic then the best approach would be to use an integrated “dust free” machine.  Binder is applied to the material under an enclosed hood and then immediately incorporated, eliminating dust escape.  At TRS we operate both Wirtgen WR2500SK integrated rotivators and Stehr Tractor Towed rotivators meaning we can carry out works on any site where environmental constraints may challenge other contractors.
  • Space Matters – some sites are physically too small for manoeuvrability of the larger Wirtgen machines and this is where the option of a Tractor Mounted machine is usually the best option.

Whatever the project and the site conditions we have the correct equipment to carry out Soil Stabilisation works for you.  For more information please contact us on 01254 238700 and one of our representatives will be happy help.

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