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Soil Stabilisation Services throughout the UK

Cement Stabilisation Throughout UK

Over the years we have successfully completed Soil Stabilisation (Cement Stabilisation and Lime Stabilisation) on many sites throughout the UK.  Information on the types of sites and their locations can be found on our website here.  This page lists different locations throughout the whole of the UK where Soil Stabilisation techniques have been utilised to provide clients with time savings, economic and environmental benefits.  The types of developments all vary and include:

  • Airports (runways, aprons and car parks)
  • Roads
  • Industrial and Commercial Developments
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Shopping Developments and Supermarkets
  • Park and Ride Schemes
  • Car Parks
  • Sports Grounds and Stadiums
  • Housing Developments

To see if Soil Stabilisation techniques could be used to save time, money and environmental impact on any sites you are currently looking at or working on, give us a call on 01254 238700 or send us an email to  One of our technical team would be happy to offer advice and assistance to make Soil Stabilisation a great benefit to any scheme.

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