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Soil Stabilisation in Bolton

Soil Stabilisation sampling in Bolton

We are carrying out Soil Stabilisation sampling on site this morning on a large development just off the M61 near Bolton.  The contract, which will be for a new client, is due to commence on site late March and is programmed to run over several visits well into Summer.

Today we are digging trial pits, collecting samples and carrying out DCP testing to the existing site material.  Once we have collected sufficient samples (a large job due to the size of the site) we will deliver these to our testing laboratory to enable design mix testing to be carried out which will determine the required binder additions to achieve the end specification.

Lime Modification works will firstly be undertaken to give a Bulk Fill material with a 5% CBR followed by Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation to various areas to give Stabilised Capping Replacement (15% CBR) or a Stabilised Sub-Base Replacement (30% CBR).

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