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Soil Stabilization Sampling in Chorley

Soil Stabilization Sampling in Chorley Today

This morning we are on site in Chroley with a laboratory technician, undertaking a trial pit and sampling exercise to enable design testing to be carried out on the site material.

Trial pits will be dug across the site and representative selection of samples collected from these.  The samples will then be sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory so testing can be carried out to determine the binder additions required to achieve the end product specification.

Once the testing in complete and the required binder additions determined then Soil Stabilization works can commence.  The site, which is being developed as part of an industrial development off Buxton Road, requires circa 50,000 sq.m. of Sub-Base Replacement with a 30% CBR.  Once works commence early February we will be carrying out the works throughout the whole of the month and into early March.

More details, including photos and videos, will be uploading from this site and others as works progress.


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