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Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification This Week

Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification works are being carried out by ourselves on several sites this week, including the contracts shown below:

Soil Stabilisation – Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway

The Lime and Cement Stabilisation works being carried out on this large contract in the North West are due to run well into the new year and will see us treat material as part of a new busway developemt.

Lime Modification – Darlington

Works are continuing on this industrial development in Darlington where were are carrying out Lime Modification techniques to provide a Bulk Fill Material.

Lime and Cement Stabilisation – Crewe Green Link Road

Lime and Cement Stabilisation techniques are being utilised on this road development where works will continue until the Christmas shutdown.


This coming month looks to be another extremely busy period for us here at T R Stabilisation with 2 contracts completing and a further 2 new contracts commencing on site.


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