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Soil Stabilisation Weekly Update

Soil Stabilisation Weekly News

This week has seen us complete 2 Soil Stabilisation contracts (Markham Vale and Appleby) and commence 2 new Soil Stabilisation contracts.

The 2 new Soil Stabilisation contracts this week are:

Lime Modification at Darlington

This contract will see us carry out Lime Stabilisation / Modification works to some 10,000 cu.m. of existing site material to provide a General Bulk Fill material.  The project, which we are undertaking for an existing client, is scheduled to be carried out over the next 2 weeks.

Lime and Cement Stabilisation at Crewe Green Link Road

Again, another contract we are carrying out Lime and Cement Stabilisation techniques on for an existing client.  This project, which is programmed to run until the Christmas shut down, will see us Lime and Cement Stabilise multiple layers of material to provide a General Bulk Fill and Capping Replacement.

The 2 contracts where works have been completed this week will have case studies uploaded over the next few days.


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