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Soil Improvement and Lime Stabilisation

Soil Improvement and Lime Stabilisation

Found an interesting paper today here on Soil Improvement Techniques in India using Lime Stabilisation.  The paper looks at how Lime Stabilisation can be used to “modifying subgrade soils, subbase materials, and base materials”.  There is information in the paper on the different techniques that can be used, the amounts of lime that are typical for each stage of treatment and other binders that can be used to give greater strength and long term durability.

There are different test results within the paper which show the reactions with the host material that can be achieved when incorporating lime and other materials, including:

  • Moisture Content
  • Dry Density
  • Compressive Strength

Have a look and let us know what you think.

For additional information on the Soil Improvement and Lime Stabilisation process, please have a look at our web-site which has many videos, case studies and information on the subject or please give us a call on 01254 238 700 or send us an email to and we will be happy to help.

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