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Soil Stabilisation Lancashire

Soil Stabilisation has been ongoing throughout August on our Altham site where we have been carrying out works for a repeat client.  This project has seen us carry out bulk earthworks across the site and then Lime Modification to the sub-grade and fill material to achieve a CBR of 5% with a Stabilised sub-base replacement [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Sampling

Cement Stabilisation sampling and testing will be taking place this week for a development in Leeds. The site, which is part of a school development, requires Cement Stabilisation treatment to a new building footprint along with associated external areas.  On Wednesday this week we will attend site and collect samples of the existing unsuitable site [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Update

Soil Stabilisation and Lime Modification works continue next week on our sites in Altham and at Manchester Airport.  Information is provided below on both schemes, with details of the Soil Stabilisation works carried out to date. Soil Stabilisation – Manchester Airport We have now been on site at this Manchester Airport Carpark development since April [...]

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Lime Stabilisation Sampling

Lime Stabilisation sampling is taking place this morning on a site in North Yorkshire.  The project, which is for a new client of ours, is part of a distribution warehouse development and will see us carry out Lime Modification works to some 70,000 cu.m. of material. After samples of the existing site material have been [...]

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Lime and Cement Stabilisation Case Study

Lime and Cement Stabilisation Case Study Another new Case Study has been uploaded to our web-site for the works carried out at St. Helens.  The case study features information on the project including why the work was required, how the Soil Stabilisation works were carried out, how much material was treated and the specialty Soil [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Case Study

A Soil Stabilisation case study has now been uploaded to our web-site for the works we carried out at Market Drayton.  A copy of the case study can be seen below, but if you visit the case study section of our web-site you will see many more photos from the site.  Lots of other case [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Photos

Soil Stabilisation photos below showing works at a number of our sites including: Lime Stabilisation at Altham Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation at Manchester Airport Soil Stabilisation at Market Drayton

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Soil Stabilisation Newsletter

Soil Stabilisation Newsletter Our monthly newsletter was produced yesterday, detailing Soil Stabilisation, Cement Stabilisation and Lime Modification works that have been taking place throughout the UK during the first part of August.  The newsletter, which you can receive by sending us an email to requesting to be added to our mailing list, contains information [...]

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Soil Stabilisation in Lancashire

Soil Stabilisation is being carried out by ourselves on 2 sites in Lancashire this morning. The first site, which is a new contract for ourselves, is for an existing client whom we have carried out Bulk Earthworks, Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation for on several occasions in the past.  This new project is for an [...]

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Lime Modification Case Study

Lime Modification case study uploaded to our web-site today detailing the Lime Stabilisation works carried out at the Hallfield Road, York contract. The works, which we completed last week, consisted of treating the existing site material (which was extremely wet) with measured quantities of Quicklime (as determined by the design testing works carried out) to [...]

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