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Cement Stabilisation Presentation

This morning we are carrying out a presentation on Cement Stabilisation and how it can be utilised on a large, prestigious development in Somerset.  The presentation, which will be conducted by our technical team for the construction team behind the development, will focus on how Soil Stabilisation techniques are carried out, with a focus on the benefits that it will offer this particular contract.

Some of the items that will be covered within the presentation are:

  • Lime Modification and Soil Stabilisation – how each application works, including the chemical reactions that take place
  • Soil Stabilisation equipment – which types of equipment would be suit this actual contract, including the Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer, and how the individual items of equipment work
  • Technical, cost and environmental benefits – how the process can offer great strength gain to the host material, how costs can be saved over traditional construction methods and the vast environmental benefits associated with the technique

Case studies on previous contracts we have completed will also be discussed, in particular the works carried out at Ferrybridge Power Station for John Sisk & Son.

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