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Lime for Modification and Stabilisation

Found a great document on Scribd here today which looks at using Lime for Modification and Stabilisation.  The document, which was produced by the National Lime Association, runs through the various ways that Lime can be used when treating soil and the many benefits of each technique, including:

Lime Modification - how lime can be used to modify soils, particularly clay, and offer the benefits of

  • Plasticity reduction
  • Reduction in moisture-holding capacity (drying)
  • Swell reduction
  • Improved stability
  • The ability to construct a solid working platform

Lime and Soil Stabilisation – how lime and other binders can be incorporated into soils and offer the benefits of

  • Substantial increases in resilient modulus values (by a factor of 10 or more in many cases)
  • Substantial improvements in shear strength (by a factor of 20 or more in some cases)
  • Continued strength gain with time, even after periods of environmental or load damage(autogenous healing)
  • Long-term durability over decades of service even under severe environmental conditions


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