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Soil Stabilization – Chorley Sampling

Today we are carrying out Soil Stabilisation sampling for a large development in Chroley.  The Main Contractor, who we have worked alongside on many occasions recently, have called us in to offer last minute assistance after the constant rain of the past few months has left them with a waterlogged site.  Once the testing has been carried out to determine the percentages of quicklime required to dry the material we will we be mobilising machinery to site with a view to commence Lime Stabilisation works early next week, treating the 30,000 cu.m of material throughout the rest of March and into early April.

If you would like more information on how Lime Stabilisation techniques could be utilised to get a project you are working on back on track then please give us a call on 01254 238700 or send us an email to, we can then arrange for one of our representatives to visit site to offer advice and recommendations.




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