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Soil Stabilisation Contractor Weekly Update

Today’s post is just a quick update on all of the news from our current sites and information on future works.

This week has seen us carrying out Soil Stabilisation and Bulk Earthworks on a number of sites, including:

Soil Stabilisation & Bulk Earthworks – Coal Clough Windfarm, Burnley

Works are progressing well on this site and we are scheduled to continue here until the end of this month.  The site has been fully prepared, the Lime Modification has almost been completed and next week the Cement Stabilisation process is due to commence.

Lime and Cement Stabilisation – Droitwich

Despite the adverse weather of the past few months we have been able to stay on programme and this week we will demobilise from site for 2 weeks and then return for the second phase of works.

Bulk Earthworks & Soil Stabilisation – Butlins, Minehead

This week has seen us start the Topsoil Strip and Bulk Earthworks on this development.  The Soil Stabilisation plant and equipment has now been mobilised and this aspect of the contract will commence next week.

Full Civils Package – Knutsford

On this project we are carrying out a many varying elements of the civil engineering required, including our specialist Soil Stabilisation process.

New Works

We are also carrying out Soil Stabilisation sampling on a site in the West Midlands tomorrow and have several new contracts starting over the coming weeks.

Keep checking back for more news and information from our current and future sites.

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