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As we are now full members of the Britpave Soil Stabilisation Task Group I thought I would today do a post on the latest news and documents from them.  In January there have been 2 great items of news for the Soil Stabilisation industry, which are:

Soil Stabilisation of Brownfield Land

This article on the Britpave website discusses how Soil Stabilisation techniques could be utilised, encouraging unused brownfield site developments with the promise of re-creating green areas and woodlands elsewhere.

New Research on Swell Tests

As you will be aware from previous posts, a problem faced by Soil Stabilisation Contractors is the presence of sufates in the host material to be treated.  This article on the Britpave web-site looks at new research that has been carried out on the problem of swelling and the different solutions that are available.

Have a look at both articles on the Britpave news section here and let us know what you think.



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