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Soil Stabilisation for use as Sub-Grade?

Found a good paper here today that looks at the economical and sustainable benefits of using Soil Stabilisation methods to provide sub-grade replacements, reducing aggregate import.  The objective of the study was to carry out lab tests to prove that Soil Stabilisation techniques are suitable and provide the desired strengths to act as a sub-grade in pavement design.

The paper runs through the process with an emphasis on the testing requirements and the results that can be achieved when using Stabilisation techniques on weak soils that would usually have to be excavated and removed from site.  By treating these soils with a Lime/Cement mixture the strength of the soil can be greatly increased, making it a suitable alternative to imported aggregates.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

We are also carrying out sampling and design testing exercises this week on 3 different sites throughout the UK to determine if the existing material is suitable for economical treatment and will post more news as these tests are underway.



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