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Found an interesting publication here today which was produced by Wirtgen America for the Annual Conference of the Transportation Association in Canada on Modern Soil Stabilisation Techniques.

The publication firstly looks at the background of Soil Stabilisation and discusses what the main objectives and required outcomes are when selecting this technique.  It then runs through all of the different terminology and definitions associated with the process, giving information on each of the binders that can be used with a short description on all of the elements that make up the Soil Stabilisation process.

The next thing that is looked at is the actual Soil Stabilisation process, including Lime Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation, providing information on the 2 approaches along with comparisons on the different outcomes that can be achieved. There is then a section dedicated to case studies, highlighting contracts where the different Soil Stabilisation techniques have been applied.  Have a look and let us know what you think.



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