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Found a good web-site here for some interesting reading over the Christmas break which is dedicated to Lime Stabilisation.  The site, from Carmeuse Natural Chemicals, runs through the entire Lime Stabilisation process has information on:

  • Benefits of using Lime Stabilisation on construction projects
  • How Lime Stabilisation works, including drying, modifying and stabilising soils
  • The long term improvements that Lime Stabilisation can provide in soils
  • The different types of soils that can be treated with Lime Stabilisation
  • The different applications of Lime Stabilisation and the types of projects the process is typically used on
  • Costs – how Lime Stabilisation can have a cost saving benefit and the typical savings that can be made over traditional construction methods
  • The different Lime products that can be used when considering Lime Stabilisation
  • Guidelines and technical information on the design and testing procedures that should be adopted when considering this technique

There is also information on the different types of machines that are used along with a range of case studies.  Have a look and let us know what you think.


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