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Found another great Ebook here today which is about Soil Stabilisation Methods and Materials.  The Ebook firstly gives a brief overview of Soil Stabilisation, stating “Soil stabilization involves the use of stabilizing agents (binder materials) in weak soils to improve its geotechnical properties such as compressibility, strength, permeability and durability. The components of stabilization technology include soils and or soil minerals and stabilizing agent or binders (cementitious materials)“.  It then goes on to look at all of the different components of the Soil Stabilisation process, including:

  • Soils – the types of soils most suitable for treatment and effects Soil Stabilisation has on them
  • Stabilising Agents – the numerous different binders that can be used in Soil Stabilisation, including how they are used and why
  • Factors that affect Soil Stabilisation – sulphates, organic matter, compaction, moisture content, temperature ect
  • Methods of Soil Stabilisation – the different techniques that can be adopted for incorporating the binders into the soil

Overall this is a great Ebook for those who want an overview of all of the different methods of Soil Stabilisation and how they can be adopted on site.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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