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Most of my recent posts have been focused on works we are currently carrying out or news from T R Stabilisation, so today I thought I would add something about Soil Stabilization elsewhere to add to our “Soil Stabilisation around the world” set of posts.

After searching I found this interesting document from┬áThe Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources in Tasmania which is a Roadworks Specification for “Insitu Stabilisation with Cementitious Materials.

The document runs through the full Soil Stabilisation process and looks at:

  • Materials – what type of materials are suitable for treatment, the different binders that can be added (quicklime, portland cement, PFA ect) and water requirements
  • Initial Testing – how the trial samples should be collected and what initial tests should be carried out to determine suitability
  • Construction – how the process should be carried out and what machines should be used
  • Compliance Testing – the different tests that should be carried out throughout the process

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