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Lime Stabilisation in Pavement Design

Found a good publication here today that looks at the use of Lime Stabilisation techniques in Pavement Design. ¬†The publication, which was submitted to the National Lime Association, was compiled to “provide¬†highway pavement engineers with supplemental guidance on how to consider and include lime stabilized layers in designing flexible pavements“.

The report runs through all the topics relevant to Lime Stabilisation including:

  • Background – the introduction of Lime Stabilisation and its historical uses
  • Soils Suitable for Treatment – the different types of Soils which are suitable treatment
  • Establishing a Mix-Design – the testing requirements for determining what percentage of binder should be used
  • Treatment on Site – the process of actually carrying out Lime Stabilisation and the different equipment types utilised
  • Compliance Checks – what testing should be carried out on site to determine the strengths achieved
  • Guidance Available – sources of guidance which can also be used when carrying out Lime Stabilisation
  • Case Studies – a run through of various projects where Lime Stabilisation has been carried out

Have a look and let us know what you think.

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