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Just a short post today to give you an update on the latest news from T R Stabilisation, including how works are progressing on current sites and new contracts awarded.

New Contracts

We have just secured a large order to carry out Soil Stabilisation works on an industrial development in Stoke on Trent.  The works, which are scheduled to start in 2 weeks, will comprise of Lime Modification to approximately 50,000 cubic meters of unsuitable material to provide “Bulk Fill” material, a Stabilised Capping Layer to building areas of approximately 60,000 square meters and a Stabilised Sub-Base Layer to external areas of approximately 35,000 square meters.  The works are programmed to run for 4-5 months so we will keep you posted with news and updates as the scheme progresses.

Current Contracts

Soil Stabilisation works are continuing on site at Ferrybridge Power Station and are running on time and to schedule.  More photos and videos will be uploaded every week so keep checking back for updates.


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