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Archive for September, 2013

What is Stabilisation of Soil

Found this great bit of information here today from EUPave (European Concrete Paving Association) which gives a brief overview of the Soil Stabilisation process.  Included within the page is a run down of the following: Description of Soil Stabilisation – how it is carried out, what binders are used, the types of machines that carry [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Case Study

Uploaded another case study today for the works we recently completed at a new AD Plant in Waen for Adonis Construction.  The AD Plant, which was being developed by Biogen for the North Wales Consortium of Councils will process over 22,500 tonnes every year. The case study runs through the project details along with the [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Case Study York

Uploaded a new case study to our website today on the Soil Stabilisation works we have recently completed on the Monks Cross Development in York.  Although we have been keeping you up to date on the site progress every week there is still some additional information and images within the case study that we haven’t [...]

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Soil Stabilisation newsletter

We will be sending out our monthly newsletter by email today which will have information on new sites, new machines and all the latest information from T R Stabilisation.  The newsletter, which we send out to all of our subscribers every month, also features many photos of our sites and equipment with a focus this [...]

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Soil Stabilisation sampling in Coventry

Our team are out on site today carrying out Soil Stabilisation sampling on a large site in Coventry.  The site is part of a large industrial development that has been ongoing over several phases for the past 2 years.  Our team have already carried out Soil Stabilisation on other units throughout the development so were [...]

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Lime Stabilisation – Strength Characteristics

Found an insightful document here today which looks into the material strengths that can be achieved by using Soil Stabilisation (Lime Modification and Lime/Cement Stabilisation) techniques. The publication, which was produced for the International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, runs through the many problems that can be encountered when dealing with Soils and how Soil [...]

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Soil Stabilization new photos

Thought I would take the opportunity today to post a new photo gallery of some of the images we have been getting from site recently, including some of our new machines.  The pictures have been taken across a few of our different sites including: Soil Stabilisation works at Monks Cross Development in York Cement Stabilisation [...]

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Lime Stabilisation in Pavement Design

Found a good publication here today that looks at the use of Lime Stabilisation techniques in Pavement Design.  The publication, which was submitted to the National Lime Association, was compiled to “provide highway pavement engineers with supplemental guidance on how to consider and include lime stabilized layers in designing flexible pavements“. The report runs through all [...]

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Soil Stabilization new updates

Have uploaded loads of new photos and videos to our Flickr Photostream and YouTube Channel today, including site photos and videos of our new TerraGator powder spreader working on a new site we are working on in York.  Have a look and let us know what you think. Both our Flickr and YouTube pages have [...]

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Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation

Found a good publication here today from the Louisiana State University which looks at the differences between Lime Stabilisation/Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation.  The publication looks at the approaches and considerations that should be taken into account when utilising Soil Stabilisation techniques on site, including: Soil type to be treated Binder to be used – [...]

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