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What is Soil Stabilisation with Lime Addition

What is Soil Stabilisation with the addition of Lime and what type of results can be expected?  These are questions we are frequently asked and so today I thought I would have a look at some other sources on the internet (aside from our own web-site) that gives a good overview of the answers to these questions.  What I found is this page here which runs through how Lime Stabilisation is carried out, including the techniques used, reactions that take place and the benefits of the process.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

If you have a site that you are currently looking at or working on where you haven’t yet considered Lime Stabilisation as a technique, then please give us a call on 01254 238 700 (or send us an email to and we can assist you in assessing the feasibility of the process for your site along with the benefits it could bring over traditional construction methods.

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