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While I was looking around online today for some new publications on Cement Stabilisation I came across this web-site here which has a list of ebooks about Soil Stabilisation and Cement Stabilisation which are available for download, including:

  • Soil Stabilisation with GGBS
  • Cement Stabilization and Solidification
  • Guidance on the use of Stabilisation/Solidification
  • Stabilised Soil Research Progress Report SSRPR2
  • Alternative Methods of Stabilisation for Unfired Mud Bricks
  • Use of Cement Kiln Dust for Subgrade Stabilisation

Along with many more.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

Also, dont forget to keep checking our web-site this week as we will be uploading 3 new case studies on recently completed contracts (Monks Cross, Altham and Speke)

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