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Soil Stabilisation in pavements (an introduction)

What is Soil Stabilisation and how can it be used? ┬áThe question is answered in the publication I found here today titled “An Introduction to Soil Stabilisation for Pavements“.

The publication runs through the Soil Stabilisation process and covers the following topics:

  • PURPOSE – why is Soil Stabilisation used
  • DEFINITIONS – the different terms used within the Soil Stabilisation process
  • USES OF STABILIZATION – how and when Soil Stabilisation can be used
  • SELECTION OF ADDITIVE – what binders are available
  • SOIL TYPES AND ADDITIVES – what binders should be used for different soil types
  • USE OF STABILIZED SOILS IN FROST AREAS – how can frost be dealt with
  • THICKNESS REDUCTION FOR BASE AND SUBBASE COURSES – what thickness should a stabilised layer be
  • DETERMINATION OF STABILIZER CONTENT – how much binder should be used and how this is determined
  • STABILIZATION WITH PORTLAND CEMENT – the effect of adding cement
  • STABILIZATION WITH LIME – the effect of adding lime
  • STABILIZATION WITH LIME-FLY ASH (LF) AND LIME-CEMENT-FLY ASH (LCF) – the effect of adding multiple binders

Have a look and let us know what you think.


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