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Found a good article here today about Soil Stabilisation works carried out at a Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona.  The article looks at the challenges met by the Soil Stabilisation contractor when meeting stringent standards of the client.

In order to prove how successful the Soil Stabilisation process can be the contractor carried out on site demonstrations for the client, where the emissions arising from the machines was monitored along with the specification requirements of the process.

Once the technique had been proven, over 4500 tonnes of cement was used, along with 1.4 million gallons of water, to treat over 42,000 cubic meters of existing site material.  When you consider that had a traditional construction method been used over 42,000 cubic meters of material would have been send to landfill and then a further 42,000 cubic meters of imported aggregate would have been imported to replace the material, the Soil Stabilisation would be an obvious choice, not only for cost saving but time and environmental impact also.


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