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Another case study here on a project in Wisconsin, USA to add to our “Soil Stabilisation around the World” set of BLOGs.  This case study looks at how Soil Remediation (Soil Stabilization and Solidification) was used to redevelop a former manufactured gas plant.  The cas estudy looks at the alternative techniques used to treat the existing on site material, rather than excavating it and sending contaminated material to landfill and then having to import aggregates to replace the material.

The main focus of the case study are the environmental benefits of carrying out the works in this way and a representative of the client actually says why they chose this process “A lot of companies will transfer their contaminated media off-site, but in the long term, we don’t feel that’s the best approach—why transfer the problem from one location to another?”

Along with the many environmental benefits of this process (reduced lorry movements, reduction in quarried aggregates, reduction in amount of material taken to landfill), there are also cost benefits (shorter program of works saving on machine time, reduction in cost of natural materials, landfill tax, ect.).  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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