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Soil Stabilisation Equipment – new purchases

You may remember in our May Newsletter we mentioned that we had purchased some new equipment (adding to our ever increasing fleet of Soil Stabilisation equipment) including a Roller and Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer.  Well, we thought we would do a quick update on these today.

Hamm 3520HT Roller

This was delivered on Monday and is already working out on site at our Monks Cross Development in York.

Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer

This is due to be delivered early next week and will start immediately out on site at a new Soil Stabilisation contract on Monday (keep checking here for news on the new development as a post will follow!!!!).  This fully Integrated machine is the perfect solution for sites where dust creation could be a problem as the powder is spreader across the working width of the drum under an enclosed hood, eliminating dust problems.

Powder Spreader

Our new TerraGator Powder Spreader will also be starting work in the coming weeks (more information to follow).

Keep checking back over the next few weeks as we will be posting lots of photos and videos of the new machines working.

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